Support Riley Phelps

CAFWMXClinicOside2014byCruse0693--01Eleven-year-old Riley Phelps wants to get a Wijit lever drive and  braking system to improve her independence, health, and conditioning. Riley is a bright, happy, enthusiastic girl who was born with spastic quadriplegia and dystonia that severely limits her use of her arms. She loves to participate in sports, including adapted surfing, adapted skiing, riding her tryke, swimming, WCMX chair skating and adaptive kayaking. Riley cannot move about independently in a manual wheelchair due to severely restricted upper extremity range of motion.

Recently, Riley was able to try Wijits, and found she was able to propel and steer herself without assistance. Getting Wijits of her own would allow Riley to live a more independent life, while the exercise she would receive will improve her cardiovascular conditioning and improve her range of motion. Moving to a manual wheelchair with Wijits would allow Riley to visit friends, socialize more frequently, and go places that just aren’t conducive to a 300 lb. power chair.

Because she has a power chair paid for by insurance, she is not eligible to receive Wijits for her manual chair. Your donation will help Riley to receive a set of Wijits that will be mounted on her existing chair.