Cody is 14 year old student at Frederiksburg High School in Frederiksburg, Texas. Cody is an exceptional student who loves science and engineering. Cody was born with Spinal Muscular Atrophy, an autosomal recessive disease that causes progressive muscle wasting and severely limits his mobility. In January, Cody was able to try out the Kinova JACO assistive robotic arm. Over the course of two days Cody used JACO to eat, drink, reposition his arms and legs, grab a book and turn the pages, raise his hand in class, write on a whiteboard, and participate in educational activities that required the use of his arms.

Having a JACO of his own will have an immediate and lasting impact on Cody’s life, and will help him be more independent at home, in school, and in the near future, in college.

In order to help Cody meet his fundraising objectives, Kinova Robotics has agreed to a ten percent price reduction in the cost of this revolutionary robotic arm if the money can be raised within 30 days from the start of the campaign.

All money donated to Cody will go directly to his new arm, less a two percent fee for online donations made through PayPal. Donations made by check will not be subject to this two percent transaction fee. Checks can be sent to ReachYourPotential.Org, at 1009 Enterprise Way, Suite 350, Roseville, CA 95678. Be sure to write that the donation is being made in the name of Cody Bearden.