Support Meagan West

My name is Rachel Thornton. I live in LaFayette Georgia with my husband and two children. When my 12-year-old daughter, Meagan, was just 18 months old, doctors diagnosed her with Spinal Muscular Atrophy type 2. Meagan is non-ambulatory and has lost much of her strength and fine motor function. She has had several surgeries to correct severe scoliosis and has a feeding tube for when she is too weak to eat.

Despite her physical limitations, Meagan has a fantastic personality and is highly intelligent. At the end of her 4th-grade year, Meagan’s test scores indicated she has the knowledge of a 7th grader. She currently goes to school at Georgia Cyber academy, but we will enroll her in public school next year because she needs more socialization and time spent away from mom so that she can learn to advocate for herself.

We are hoping to raise money to purchase MultiLink Arm Supports for Meagan. The MulttiLink helps patients with weak muscles by removing the pull of gravity and allowing them to move their arms more freely. This can benefit Meagan by allowing her to feed herself, scratch an itchy nose, reach an object on the table, complete school work, and even maneuver her wheelchair with more ease! The MultiLink will give Meagan much more independence.

Thank you for your time and, especially, for your generosity.