Support Kevin Berg

Writing a short bio about Kevin is somewhat of a daunting task because he has lived a full life despite being born with Cerebral Palsy. He has two college degrees, a wife, two children, and his own computer support business. He has never let anything stop him from achieving his goals. A large part of his success can be attributed to the remarkable support provided by his family, first his parents and now his wife and kids. Still, Kevin gets tired of asking for help with such little things as getting a drink, eating, using a wash cloth, or picking something up off the floor. That’s where JACO could truly change his life, even improving his relationship with his wife by lessening her caregiving role and letting her act more as a wife (even though she doesn’t see caring for Kevin as a burden).

There are times throughout the week when the rest of the family is running errands and Kevin is home by himself working. He can’t get a drink if he gets thirsty, he can’t get a snack if he gets hungry, and he can’t clean up if he spills something on the floor. All these things could be taken care of by JACO. In fact, Kevin looks forward to contributing more to household chores by being able to do light tidying up with the help of JACO. Kevin could ultimately become much more independent than he already is! [Continued Below Video]

As for business, not only could JACO help Kevin perform some of the tasks on clients’ computers like opening laptops and manipulating cables, but Kevin would be more independent at business functions that he and his wife attend together. Rather than needing Melinda to stay right by him to feed him or give him a drink, they would both have some freedom to socialize with different people, thereby expanding their business network.

Finally, an anecdote to bring this all together… Recently, Kevin was at a church event, and someone asked him if he wanted some cookies. Kevin assumed this person knew he needed to be fed so he said yes, but the person just put the cookies on the table in front of Kevin. After five minutes, Kevin finally got enough courage to tell the person that he needed help eating, but such an awkward situation could have been avoided if Kevin would have had JACO to help him eat. These are the type of situations Kevin often deals with that could be completely transformed when he has JACO.