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My husband Jim was 19 when a car accident left him completely paralyzed from the chest down. Despite having a disability, he continues to live a much fulfilled life. He worked 28 years for the Department of Defense as a Supply Logistics Manager, retiring in 2010. He spent his after work hours as a High School Football Coach, culminating with a California State Championship. Go Knights! During this time Jim returned to college and completed his degree, receiving a Bachelor of Science in Business Information Systems. He never allowed his disability to keep him from having an abundant life.

Since retiring, Jim has volunteered his time as a Motivational Speaker for the Disability Awareness Foundation. He became a Volunteer Puppy Raiser for Canine Companions for Independence and has now received his own Service Dog.

Jim continues to have challenges because of his disability and recently became completely immobile due to a pressure sore. Jim can no longer sit in his current wheelchair because of the pressure it causes on this sore.

Jim was admitted to a skilled nursing facility on November 14th and is still there due to the severity of the sore. In order for the wound to heal properly pressure must be removed from that site. A wheelchair was found that would take care of this problem! It will also increase blood flow, stretch the legs, and work the muscles which will lower blood sugars and blood pressure.

The name of this wheelchair is the Tek-RMD. Please take a look at the link to see what it can do for Jim.

Jim and I cannot afford this type of technology, but Jim also cannot afford to be without it. My husband is the most generous and kind person I have ever known. He has taken care of me when I needed him most. If anyone deserves this chair it’s him.


Jim Siegfried

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