Can I donate with a check?

Make checks out to: Reach Your Potential
Memo Line: please write “inspired by [person’s name]
Send checks to:

Reach Your Potential
4105 Del Mar Ave., Suite #1
Rocklin, CA 95677


Can I donate without a PayPal account?

You DO NOT need a PayPal account in order to donate. PayPal allows you to donate using a credit or debit card with no need to sign up or login to a PayPal account. See image below.


Donating with Credit or Debit Card – Click to See Full Size

What is Reach Your Potential?

Reach Your Potential is a non-profit organization dedicated to putting advanced assistive devices in the hands of those living with severe disabilities to allow these individuals to survive and thrive.

Is Reach Your Potential a 501(c)(3)?

Reach Your Potential is a California non-profit organization that has been approved by the IRS for 501(c)(3) status.

Who runs Reach Your Potential?

Reach Your Potential is governed by an independent volunteer board that consists of individuals from a broad range of backgrounds. Volunteers maintain the website and develop campaigns.

How is Reach Your Potential funded?
1. Donors can contribute to fundraising campaigns or to our general fund.

2. Companies that manufacture mobility products and vendors who sell those products provide discounts for their equipment or donate a portion of their profits to Reach Your Potential.

What happens to the money when a campaign is not successful or when it generates more funds than needed?
In both of these situations, there are two options. First, a new campaign for different medical equipment can be started and the money can be transferred to that campaign. Or, the funds can be donated to Reach Your Potential and we will use it to help someone else’s campaign. Reach Your Potential is not able to return funds to donors.
How is Reach Your Potential different from commercial community funding websites?
Commercial community fundraising sites like GoFundMe charge a fee for what they do. Typically, they take 7.9% of each donation. Reach Your Potential does not take anything out of donations made by check (you don’t even have the option to send a check to a commercial site) and, for donations made by credit card, we deduct only what the credit card companies charge us in processing fees. This means that, with Reach Your Potential, more money goes for the purchase of medical equipment instead of in someone’s pocket.

Being a nonprofit organization, Reach Your Potential is sometimes able to negotiate a discount with a durable medical equipment manufacturer or vendor, especially if we have a long time relationship with them. This discount is usually not available to the general public and can be substantial. You won’t find commercial fundraising sites doing this.

Although it doesn’t happen often, we sometimes have a little money in our general fund. We can use the money to help a campaign reach its goal faster. Again, commercial fundraising sites do not do this.

Finally, when a campaign is successful, Reach Your Potential purchases the equipment and makes sure it is delivered and set up properly. Unlike the commercial fundraising sites, we do not give the money to the fundraiser who might use it for something else (e.g., a vacation or a new car). Thus, when you donate to Reach Your Potential, you know that your money will go for the purchase of medical equipment.

How much of my donation is spent on overhead?
Since Reach Your Potential’s Board of Directors consists solely of volunteers and because volunteers run the website, 100% of donations made by check go directly to acquire the desired device for the individual for whom the funds are being raised. For donations made with a credit card, we deduct only what the credit card companies charge us for processing. We pay our overhead expenses with money from manufacturers and vendors who choose to donate a percentage of their proceeds to the Reach Your Potential general fund.
How do I set up an individual fundraising campaign using
How can my company list products on

To list products at, contact us at