Support Christine Povisils

Christine Povisils works from home as a freelance web designer. She lives in Southern New Jersey (Glassboro) with her mom and 21 year old niece, who people think is her twin! She has Type II Spinal Muscular Atrophy and was diagnosed at 9 months old and given a life expectancy of just 13 years. Christine has far exceeded those expectations as she is now 36 years old!

Christine states, “As one may imagine, I have had plenty of ups and downs with my health but I’m fortunate to still have lead a normal life, though there are things I have never been able to do myself. Opening doors, pouring a drink, eating soup, brushing my teeth (and countless other things) are all done with assistance by others”

She continues, “JACO can be the arm I always wish I had! I could use a spoon on my own and pick something up off the floor if I drop it. Oh, just the idea of being able to grab something from the floor or a shelf makes me a little weepy. I’m an independent person trapped inside this dependent body. I am certain Jaco will open up my world and allow me to experience new and amazing things, even if it’s as simple as making my own coffee and finally eating cereal by myself.”

Christine loves concerts, movies, musicals, Doctor Who, and the color pink. She has already thought about how to dress up her Jaco in her favorite color!

Christine has made the following request. “In the movie Aladdin, the Genie simply wishes for freedom. So do I. Please help me make my wish come true.”