Stuff I’ve Done: Installment 2

Life spins on. Mine, it seems, is moving ever faster in a veritable sprint towards the future; I’m approaching the end of high school, planning in earnest to move away to college. Anyone experienced with disability knows that we need twice the regular amount of planning (more?) to do anything, and JACO is figuring heavily into my preparations. On that note, here’s a list of my JACObian exploits of late:

  1. Activate printerprinter
  2. Lift down picture from wall
  3. Organize books
  4. Open heavy doors
  5. Headrest (though I’m only that lazy on special occasions)
  6. Reach phone charger
  7. Carry papers through a heavy wind; near impossible with my hand strength
  8. Pull weeds (Confession: I did this solely because someone indicated that one couldn’t garden with JACO)
  9. Open spring-latched dog kennel
  10. Lift myself up after falling to the side, and on a separate occasion saved me from falling out of my chair
  11. Pour chemicals for laboratory work
  12. Wrap a blanket around my shoulders
  13. Feed an eager horse
  14. Book stand
  15. Pin down ruler to draw linearly
  16. Scratch foot
  17. Play pool
  18. Hold phone for long conversations
  19. Slow dance (When you need one hand on the joystick, it’s great to have a spare)
  20. Shoot rubber bands. No one will suspect the person in the wheelchair.


It isn’t just for me any more. We’re placing JACO with more and more who need the arm as word gets out; in fact, generous donors recently funded a pair of arms for Cody and Hailey Bearden, who I’m sure will love the freedom as much as I do! In other news, JACO has been invited to make an appearance at Google corporate headquarters this coming week. Now that’s a trip that I’m looking forward to with bated breath…


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