What is THAT?

The first day I took JACO to school was… Hilarious. Epic. Impossibly odd. Everyone I talked to (and it was a lot more people than usual) had something to say, and their reactions were so amusing that I wrote them all down for your enjoyment! So here they are. Enjoy.

I'm kinda seeing the flamingo thing.

I’m kinda seeing the flamingo thing

You’re like Darth Vader.                                               Can I take a picture? I know someone who NEEDS to see this.
That’s a little creepy.
We’re watching history!
Did you get a new chair?
Looks like a rocket launcher.
I’ve just gotta say, that is BAD. (In the good sense)
You should name it Hal. And become a ventriloquist.
You go girl!
Does it talk?                                                                       It reminds me of a flamingo.
You have a claw! Where did that come from? I’m so confused! (It was our second time meeting that day, he’d managed to not see it the first time)
That is the coolest thing ever.
How do you control that?
Can I touch it?
Nice! Can I borrow that to smack a few people???
WHAAAATYWBWIDIIDWNWNOOOOOoooOIM :D (this one was texted to me, I’m afraid I have no idea how you pronounce it)
Wow, that is totally awesome. It gives you so much freedom.
You know what it kind of reminds me of? That lamp before Disney movies that like, jumps around.
Did you name it?
That’s pretty rad.
*sudden gasp* oh my gosh.
Can I take it home with me??
*walks in* WHOAAAA THAT IS SO COOL. YOU GOT A ROBOT ARM. (he then proceeded to point it out to everyone else who walked into class)
That looks like one of the ammunitions droids in Star Wars battlefront!
Did you use that to grab those Hershey kisses?                                                                 We live in the FUTURE!

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  1. Hi, Laura! My daughter, Zoe, is 12 and has SMA type 2. She tried the JACO last night and we are crazy excited about it. I sent you a friend request on Facebook. I’d love to connect with you and maybe if you have time, you and Zoe could Facetime? We are starting the process to get one for her but it will be a long road. Your experience will definitely help us if you’re willing to share.


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