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Every penny of every dollar you donate by check will
go to fund assistive medical devices for those who need
them most. When you donate by credit card, Reach Your
Potential deducts only what the credit card companies
charge for processing.

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Reach Your Potential (RYP) is committed to helping individuals who are physically challenged experience more independent, fulfilling, and meaningful lives. RYP puts advanced assistive devices such as state-of-the-art wheelchairs, alternate propulsion systems, and sophisticated robotics in the hands of people who need but cannot afford them. Such equipment is usually expensive and generally not covered by insurance or other sources.

As we see more advances in assistive medical technologies, money is often the only obstacle which lies between an individual and their ability to do for themselves. The physically challenged are among the poorest of Americans. High medical costs and low employment rates that accompany severe disability mean these individuals are largely dependent on family members and social assistance in order to survive. The result is that the average American living with a significant disability does not have the resources to access the very technologies that have been developed to improve their quality of life and reduce their dependence on others. Without help, they lack the ability to rewrite the current statistics.

By partnering with other non-profit organizations, disability support groups, manufacturers, and the individuals who need these products and services; RYP is seeking to raise awareness of disabilities that limit mobility and focus product development on solutions users want and need. We can thereby provide individuals with the independence and ability which lie at the core of human dignity.